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Shellee Moore

1. We love and need both of you.

2. We are not your messengers. If you have something to say to my other parent, tell them yourself.

3. We know you are hurting, scared and upset. So are we!

4. We know you are probably doing the best you can. So are we!

5. Please don't say bad things about our other parent. It makes us feel really bad.

6. Please don't ask us to choose sides. That's not fair.

7. Don't make us feel we are being disloyal because we enjoy being with our other parent.

8. This may not have been your choice, but remember, it is not our choice either.

9. Please don't tell us details about the divorce that we don't understand or need to know.

10. Please don't make us the "man" or the "lady" of the house. We are just kids. Let us be kids!!!

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