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Divorce and Money : How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce
By Violet Woodhouse, Dale Fetherling
Description - This is precisely the right book to read to keep your property, your rights and your sanity. Organized clearly and easily with charts, graphs and checklists, the authors provide you with confidence and know-how.
Divorce and Money: Everything You Need to Know
By Gayle Rosenwald Smith
Description - Family lawyer Gayle Rosenwald Smith has written this well researched, easy-to-read guide to help you through the process of divorce. She explains the financial issues that can impact divorce and, most importantly, tells you what you can do to better understand your situation and how to take proper action.
The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Financial Security When Getting a Divorce
By Alan Feigenbaum, Heather Linton
Description - Whether you've been stunned by your spouse's divorce atomic bombshell or have dropped one yourself, you must avoid its potentially fatal financial fallout. This book helps both men and women survive economically, and ultimately thrive.
MoneySmart Divorce: What Women Need to Know About Money and Divorce
By Esther M. Berger
Description - Rely on the wit and wisdom of certified financial planner Berger to explain the realities of divorce in a manner designed to take the sting out of separation while safeguarding a woman's rights and property.

More Books

Divorce Rules For Men: A Man to Man Guide for Managing Your Split and Saving Thousands
By Martin M. Shenkman, Michael J. Hamilton
Beat Him At His Own Divorce!
By Ted Knight
Don't Settle for Less: A Woman's Guide to Getting a Fair Divorce & Custody Settlement
By Beverly Pekala

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