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Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In
By Roger Fisher, William Ury, Bruce Patton (Editor)
Description - We're constantly negotiating in our lives, whether it's convincing the kids to do their homework or settling million-dollar lawsuits. For those who need help winning these battles, Roger Fisher has developed a simple five-step system for how to behave in negotiations.
The (Almost) Painless Divorce : What Your Lawyer Won't Tell You
By Jenny Garden
Customer - "Divorce lawyers will not like this book! This is a must read for anyone going through a divorce. It is full of excellent advice that will save time, money and aggravation. It will smooth out the bumpy experience that is usually associated with divorce.
Divorce Yourself, 6th Edition: The National Divorce Kit
By Daniel Sitarz
Description - Created by attorney Daniel Sitarz, and part of the Nova Publishing Company's oustanding Legal Self-Help Series, Divorce Yourself is a "No-Fault" divorce kit that spouses can use to obtain a divorce without resorting to lawyers.
Using Divorce Mediation : Save Your Money & Your Sanity
By Katherine E. Stoner
Description - Stoner has left no stone unturned in her clear-cut guide to divorce and mediation. This manual is an important tool that will help divorcing couples separate as fairly as possible without engaging in courtroom battles.
Cyber Lies: When Finding the Truth Matters
By John Paul Lucich and Luann Linquist
Description - Lucich takes a subject matter that is overwhelming for the average reader, and makes it understandable and accessible. His writing style is clear and comforting. Almost anyone should be able to follow his straight forward instructions and discover the truth.

More Books

The Divorce Sourcebook : Everything You Need to Know
By Dawn Bradley Berry, JD
The Divorce Mediation Answer Book : Save Time, Money, and Emotional Energy With a Mediated Separation or Divorce
By Dolores Deane Walker, Carol A. Butler
A Guide to Divorce Mediation : How to Reach a Fair, Legal Settlement at a Fraction of the Cost : Part One : An Introduction to Mediation
By Gary J. Friedman, J.D., Jack Himmelstein
Getting Ready to Negotiate : The Getting to Yes Workbook
By Roger Fisher, Danny Ertel (Contributor)

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