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Diamond Special : No Frills Divorce - $599*

Rock Bottom Prices for CA couples who know what they want, agree on the terms, and just need the correct paperwork filed to get it done. Your best option for a fast low cost divorce. Read more about this option.

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Silver : Summary Dissolution - $750

A Summary Dissolution is a streamlined California Divorce process for couples who meet specific eligibility requirements like no children, married less than five years, and owning no property. Compared to the formal divorce process, a summary dissolution will involve less time and less paperwork. See if you qualify.

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Gold : Uncontested Divorce - $1,800

This package includes all Legal Divorce Paperwork you need to complete an Uncontested California Divorce or Legal Separation. We take your divorce information privately, prepare all your legal documents, and file them with the Court. We even follow up with you and the court if the unexpected arises. Your case is customized to your divorce, including alimony, child custody, and property agreements.

An Uncontested Divorce is a lower cost, less stressful alternative to a court divorce.

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Platinum: High Conflict Divorce - $3,600

In addition to all Legal Divorce Paperwork, this package also includes an Expert Divorce Mediator. We help you divide retirement plans, complicated pensions, and stock options. We discuss debt, underwater property, small businesses, and community property. We do Financial Analysis and calculate California Alimony and Child Support. We help you develop a custody and visitation Parenting Plan that works for you and is in the best interests of your children.

This package is for mediating High Conflict Divorce issues such as abuse, alimony, addiction, alcoholism, adultery, gambling, pornography, property disputes, child custody, and hostile spouses.

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Dissomaster: Alimony & Child Support Calculations - $99.00

We use the same formula as the CA Courts to determine guideline child support and temporary alimony and spousal support. Only $99 for up to three different scenarios.

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QDRO: Dividing Retirement Plans - $1200.00

QDRO stands for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. It is a judgement or order that is made under California family law codes for dividing retirement plans and pensions. We will prepare your Order, acquire necessary approvals from the Company, file with the court and submit to the Company for action.

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We also offer a number of pre and post divorce services including Bifurcations to terminate the marital status immediately after the six month clock has run out - whether or not the other issues are settled; Modifications of child or spousal support, custody or visitation; completion of half finished cases and more!

*You or your partner must be a resident of California unless you are same sex couples married in California and currently reside in a state that does not recognize same sex marriage.

Stay out of court and avoid costly litigation. We'll show you how.

No Frills CA Divorce - $899!

California Residents complete your California Divorce or Legal Separation online. Call us to learn about your options. Low Cost Divorce packages starting at $899. Read More

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