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Divorce Statistics: Women and Money

Women, Divorce and Money

54% of Americans know a couple where the woman is clearly the major wage earner and the man's career is secondary. Newsweek Poll, May, 2003
In 1983, women made up 34% of high paying executive, administrative and managerial occupations, in 2001, they were nearly half. US Dept. Of Labor
Average woman's wage still trails the average male's wages by 22%
In 30.7% of married households with a working wife, the wife's earnings exceeded the husband's in 2001
Bureau of Labor Statistics - just 5.6% of married couples feature a wife who works and a husband who doesn't - U. Md. Demographer said it's 11%
25% of respondents to the Newsweek poll think it is generally "Not acceptable" for a wife to be the major wage earner
More than one third of Fortune's 2002 "50 most powerful women in Business" have a stay at home man (trophy husband)
41% of Americans agreed that it is "much better for everyone involved if the man is the achiever outside the home and the woman takes care of the home and family. One in four said it was "generally not acceptable" for a woman to be the major wage earner in society" Newsweek Poll
34% of men say that if their wife earned more money, they'd consider quitting their job or reducing their hours
50% of women say that when it came to choose a mate, they considered his earning potential "not at all important"
Only 31% of conflicts get resolved over the course of a marriage. The other 69% are perpetual, unsolvable problems - John Gottman

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