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  • We save you money

    We save you money by handling your case in such a way that only one party pays the $435 plus court-filing fee. This is more work for us, but our goal is to make this as easy and inexpensive as possible. Other firms cut corners and require both parties to pay the court-filing fee; or they require customers take paperwork to the court themselves; or they ask their clients to make copies of the documents rather than provide them at no additional cost, as we do for our clients.

  • We file your papers

    We file your papers with the court and serve as an intermediary to solve any problems that may arise. Other firms make you do this yourself. That means waiting in long lines and multiple trips to the court. If you find an error in the documents, those companies are nowhere to be found. You may find yourself hiring us to finish your case. It is more cost effective to begin your case with us and know that it will be completed, regardless of the challenges we face.

  • We are in compliance with CA laws

    We are in compliance with state laws regarding legal document assistants. We are registered in the county and bonded as required by law. Our registration number is O.C. L.D.A. #281, expires 4/17. We know the courts will accept our documents without question. As a consumer, you are protected. Many other firms fail in the area of compliance, which often results in your paperwork being rejected by the court.

  • We complete all of our cases

    We complete all of our cases. None of our clients take our documents to another firm to finish their case. Why is this so important? Court paperwork is very detailed. Often times, there is more than one way to complete the papers. Laws may change and new clerks may be hired who have a different way of doing things. This can lead to errors and rejected documents. We complete all of our cases and ensure that all documents are acceptable to you, as well as to the Superior Court.

  • Call us any time

    You may call us any time during business hours and reach a real person to talk to about your case. We can't give you legal advice, but we can answer your questions and refer you to an attorney or other expert. Other firms don't have this kind of extensive network. If they do, it is based on paid advertising, not on hand picked qualified professionals who are willing to help.

  • We personally answer emails

    We personally answer your emails, usually within an hour of receiving them. Other firms send prewritten responses or worse, don't respond at all. Each and every one of our clients is important to us. We have remained in touch with some of our clients for years, helping them with second marriages, helping their children and their friends.

  • We limit our service to California

    We limit our service to California residents so we are very familiar with the divorce process in our state. Most other firms operate nation-wide and do not address the nuances found in California divorce paperwork processing.

  • We include the Declarations of Disclosure

    We include the Declarations of Disclosure with all of our cases. This step is critical in assuring your final judgment won't be set aside by your spouse. Most people (that we know) don't want to re-do their divorce. Other firms rarely mention disclosure, leaving you open to great risk since you are not complying with California disclosure laws.

  • Finally, we were the first!

    In 1997, we created the first "Do your Own Divorce" secure web site in the state of California. We have been serving online clients ever since. Time, Newsweek, CNN, The Orange County Register, ABC News, The Lifetime Channel and other local papers have interviewed us about our unique and exciting service.

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