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Top Ten Creative Ways To Spend Time With Your Child

Len Brass

Even when you're busy it's easy to find creative things to do with your children. Here's our list of top ten great activities to spend time with your kids!

  1. Help care for pets
  2. Start collections and talk about them
  3. Create a mini-business that involves them
  4. Garden
  5. Volunteer, particularly with seniors and the handicapped
  6. Complete puzzles, models, crafts, and other projects
  7. Visit museums, businesses, the library, airport fire & police stations
  8. Explore nature - hike, bike, swim, ski, fish
  9. Share meals, videos, movies, sporting and entertainment events
  10. Remember that the best gifts "are tied with heartstrings."
Len Brass is the author Of Children First: A Complete Guide For Parenting Through The Elementary School Years. Len is a San Juan Capistrano, California resident, a 26-Year school educator as well as a lecturer, business mediator, and father of five.

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