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How this works in ten simple steps

  1. YOU - Complete our online questionnaire – it takes about ten minutes entering only basic information such as your names and addresses, date of marriage and separation, children’s names and dates of birth and so on. You do not need to have your agreement completed when you begin the process. Payment is made at that time to Divorce Wizards for $899. You also authorize us to charge your debit or credit card in advance for any add- ons you request as described below. Additional services are totally optional and you can complete your divorce for $899 plus Court filing fees.
  2. DIVORCE WIZARDS - We prepare and email your initial documents to you for your signature to begin your case.
  3. YOU - You snail mail your documents back to our Newport Beach office. They must have “wet signatures”. See extra services available below if you prefer to email or fax your documents back to us. You will need to pay your filing fee when you return the documents. In most CA counties, the current filing fee is $435. Check is payable to Clerk of the Court. Take a look at the extra services below if you prefer to pay your filing fee by credit card and we will advance the Court fees on your behalf.
  4. DIVORCE WIZARDS - Your signed documents will be hand delivered to the Court (Orange and LA Counties only) by our special attorney messenger service. They will be mailed priority mail to all other CA counties. Attorney Messenger delivery service to all other CA counties available by request.
  5. DIVORCE WIZARDS - After your papers are filed, we will serve your spouse by mail. They will have 20 days to return the acknowledgment of service. After your spouse is served, we will email you the required disclosure documents for you to exchange with each other.
  6. DIVORCE WIZARDS - We email the final documents to you for your signatures.
  7. YOU - You snail mail your signed documents ("wet signatures") back to us ​ at 260 Newport Center Dr., Ste 100, Newport Beach, CA 92660.
  8. DIVORCE WIZARDS - We hand deliver your documents to the Court (Orange and LA Counties only) by our special attorney service. Documents will be sent by priority mail to all other CA Counties.
  9. THE COURT - Your divorce will not be final until six months and one day from the day the final papers are filed OR when the Judge signs, whichever is later. When the divorce is final, the Orange County Court will mail you a one page form informing you your divorce is final.
  10. DIVORCE WIZARDS - I will receive your actual divorce decree and email a copy to each of you. (Except for LA Court filings who will mail the Judgment directly to the parties and not return a copy to me. If you like, you can email me a copy for my files in the event you need some modifications in the future).

Start Your Diamond Divorce Now!

We are offering this high value divorce package at rock bottom prices. Even at this price, we are offering a high level of service by preparing, copying, providing postage paid envelopes, and hand delivering/priority mailing your paperwork to the Court. We believe divorcing couples are looking for this type of service and we are thrilled to be a solo provider.

If you need more service than what is described above, or if you need to rush this process, you are welcome to take advantage of the extras below. When you choose our Diamond No Frills package, we will automatically charge your credit/debit card on file for all additional services so please read the charges below and understand that you are authorizing us to charge your card for these additional services. We will email you a notice whenever we charge your card.

Questions by phone or email with Lynne Diamond - $49 (per 15 minutes/minimum charge- 15 minutes. We apologize in advance but there are no free consultations available with this No Frills Package)

Document format – All documents are emailed to you and snail mailed back to us. If you want something other than that, please choose from the array below:

  • Hard copy documents sent to you by snail mail instead of email - $99
  • E-documents/fax documents you return to us - $99

Court filing fee – You may pay the Court filing fee by personal check. It must be pre-printed with your name and address that matches the documents. Also be sure to write your phone number and Driver’s license number on the check. Please enclose your check with your initial documents.

  • We can advance the Court filing fee and charge your debit/credit card - $59
  • Request/Order for Fee Waiver - $99
  • Change of address documents - $59

In a hurry?

  • Rush (same day) document preparation by Divorce Wizards - $199
  • Rush (Same day) filing - $99 (Orange and LA Counties only)
  • Filing via Attorney Messenger Service in CA counties outside of Orange and LA - $99
  • Rush filing via Attorney Messenger Service in CA counties outside of Orange and LA - $149
  • Expedited processing by Court (available in Orange County only) - $99**
  • Case Status check - $49

Financial Calculations for Property Distribution – Results will be emailed with a brief explanation

  • Child support calculations - $99
  • Alimony calculations - $99
  • Pension valuation - $99
  • Community/Separate interest in Residence calculation (Moore Marsden) - $99

(more than one calculation may be required if the Residence has been re-financed during the marriage)

Start Your Diamond Divorce Now!

**We have no control over the Courts and their processing times. Most counties are taking a few weeks to process the initial documents and five or six months to process the Judgment paperwork. Expedited processing, only available in the Orange County Court, reduces the waiting time, but by no means is it quick. The paperwork may still take four months to process at the Court instead of six months. Rush service means we rush the document preparation and delivery to the Court. We have no way to control the court timing which may be slower than you expect.

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