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Smart Strategies

How can you protect yourself during divorce? Should you mediate or litigate your divorce? This section answers these questions and more. Read More

Money Matters

Learn facts about finances and divorce in this section, for instance: How do you calculate child and spousal support payments? And how do you collect them? Read More

Body, Heart & Soul

While your divorce proceeds, take time to care for your body, heart and soul. This section offers many ideas to help. Read More

Dating & Sex

Though you may not be thinking about dating during your divorce, at some point down the road, you may want to place your toe in the water. Read More


What is The 730 Evaluation for Child Custody? Learn about this process in this section, as well as many guidance articles to make your parenting job easier. Read More

Divorce Statistics

If you're getting divorced, one thing in for sure: You are not alone. Browse through our divorce statistics in this section. Read More

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