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High Conflict Divorce Mediation

Issues to Consider in Mediation

Separation Considerations

  • Living Arrangements
  • Payment of Bills
  • Temporary Support
  • Opening Single Accounts
  • Closing Joint Accounts
  • Notifying Credit Card companies
  • Filing the paperwork


  • What is the physical custody split
  • What is the legal custody split
  • What decisions regarding education, medical treatment, etc. are to be made jointly by both parents
  • The parenting plan (visitation rights) of the non-custodial parent (regular visits, holidays, birthdays, vacations, etc.)/joint parenting plan

Division of Property

  • Division of community assets
  • Division of community liabilities
  • Division of household items
  • Cash settlement (amount, terms, payment schedule)
  • Full disclosure statements


  • Child support payments (how much, how often, duration, extraordinary
  • expenses for medical care, etc.)
  • Spousal support payments (how much, how often, duration)


  • Medical coverage for children and/or spouse
  • Life insurance beneficiaries

Tax Implications

  • Distribution of exemptions for dependents
  • Filing status (year of separation, year of divorce)
  • Tax payment/refund distribution (year of separation, year of divorce)
  • Payment of capital gains taxes from sale of assets

Special Provisions

  • Statement regarding payment of mediator, filing fees
  • Provisions for the communication and resolution of future issues or problems with settlement terms

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