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California Divorce Experts


Eileen Barker, Esq Mediator, San Rafael
Samuel Britton, Esq Attorney at Law, Newport Beach
Gina M. Castillo, Esq Attorney, Los Angeles
Jan Mark Dudman, Esq Consulting Attorney, Santa Ana
Mari Frank, Esq Consulting Attorney, Laguna Niguel
Henry Friedman, Esq Attorney at Law, Beverly Hills
Robert Glasser, Esq Attorney at Law, Newport Beach
Michael B. Jones, Esq Attorney at Law, Anaheim Hills
Judith A. Kaluzny, Esq Attorney, Fullerton
Michelle Katz, Esq Consulting Attorney, Los Angeles
Gerald L. Klein, Esq Consulting Attorney, Santa Ana
Steve H. Lorber, Esq Attorney, San Diego
Nina Meierding, Esq Mediator, Attorney, Bainbridge Island, WA
Norah M. Morrison, Esq Attorney, Certified Financial Planner, Fountain Valley
Randy Sue Morrison, Esq Certified Family Law Specialist, Newport Beach
Forrest S. Mosten, Esq Attorney, Mediator, Los Angeles
Deborah J. Nelson, Esq Estate Planning Attorney, San Diego
Darren Gordon Smith, Esq Bankruptcy Attorney, Newport Beach
Bonnie Z. Rosen, Esq Attorney at Law, Orange
Philip Schmidt, Esq Certified Family Law Specialist, Laguna Niguel
LeeJanice Toback, Esq Attorney, Children's Advocate, Long Beach
Steven West, Esq Attorney, Encino

Psychologists and Therapists

Dr. Carole Bardin, PhD, LCSW Clinical Psychologist, Newport Beach
Dr. Laurence D. Becker, PhD Child Psychologist, Irvine
Len Brass Educational Consultant, San Juan Capistrano
Maxine B. Cohen, MFT Newport Beach
Shellee Moore, MFT Irvine
Bruce Derman, PhD Clinical Psychologist, Woodland Hills
Rabbi Chuck Diamond Educator, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Ellen K. Gecht, MFT Marriage and Family Therapist, Costa Mesa & Laguna Niguel
Barbara Gibson-Paul, PhD Clinical Psychologist, Newport Beach
Jann Glasser, LCSW, MFT Counselor, Newport Beach
Rosalyn A. Laudati, PhD Clinical Psychologist, Newport Beach
Marilyn J. Kaplan Licensed Educational Psychologist, Laguna Hills
Sandra Klonsky, MS, MA, MFT Marriage and Family Therapist, Laguna Hills
Jayne Major, PhD Parent Educator, Consultant, Los Angeles
Darlene Manick, MA, MFT Psychotherapist, Encino
Lois Nightingale, PhD Clinical Psychologist, Yorba Linda
Loren O'Connor, PhD Marriage and Family Therapist, San Juan Capistrano
Helene C. Parker, RN, PhD Psychotherapist, Newport Beach
Dan Rawson Hellerwork Structural Integration, Laguna Beach
Charity Salinas Hair Stylist, Costa Mesa
Dr. Muriel Savikas, PhD Child Psychologist, Manhattan Beach
Deann Petersen, MS, MFT Marriage and Family Therapist, Newport Beach
Jessica St. Clair, MFT Child Custody Consultant, Newport Beach
Rachel Taylor, MA Forensic Psychotherapist
Arlene Unger, PhD Psychotherapist; Addiction Specialist, Dana Point
Fredi Volberding, MA, MFT Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Irvine
Bruce D. Webster, PhD Psychologist, Newport Beach
Nancy D. Wright, MS, MFT Marriage and Family Therapist, San Clemente

Financial Advisors

Kenneth Callan First Vice President, UBS, Irvine Spectrum
Dr. Victoria Collins, PhD, CFP Irvine
Cathleen Collinsworth Forensic Accountant, Irvine
Terri Millson Tri-Summit Financial, Newport Beach & Big Bear
Lauren Klein, CFP Divorce Financial Planner, Irvine, CA
Eric Kolstad Investment Broker, Capstone Investments, Newport Beach
Alan Nadolna Financial Planner, Chicago
Chad Olson Insurance Broker, Mission Viejo, CA
Don Pesch Mortgage Broker, Irvine, CA
Stephen M. Zamucen, CPA Forensic Accountant, Zamucen & Close, Irvine


Dr. Mark Diamond, MD, FAAP Pediatrician, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dr. Jean Forman Internist, Newport Beach
Dr. Mark Lerner Pediatrician, Irvine
Dr. Jonathan Y. Lukoff, MD Pediatrician, Kaiser
Dr. Ihab Solimon Psychiatrist, Irvine
Dr. Ronald Becker Pediatrician, Murietta
Dr. Michael Radin Cardiologist, Newport Beach
Dr. David Herzlinger Dermatologist, Newport Beach
Dr. Michael Barnes Dentist, Newport Beach
Dr. Janice Chou Endodontist, Newport Beach

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