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  • My wife has a clutter problem, she is a pack rat and I can't stand it

  • I'm East Coast, he's West Coast

  • My wife left me for a woman or my husband left me for a man

  • We wanted to enter a contest for a trip to Mexico and had to be married. Now we are back

  • When the kids left, I decided to leave also

  • I found emails to/from his/her lover

  • My wife got fat

  • My husband called me fat

  • When I walk past my husband, he flattens himself against the wall until I pass and tells me I have cooties

  • We only have hall sex now - when we pass in the hall, we say F-you to each other

  • I thought marriage meant wedding. After the wedding, I didn't realize that marriage was really what it was all about

  • We had our first child who I totally adore. But I can't stand not being number one anymore.

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