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We save you money

Divorce Wizards offers LOWER COSTS to SAVE YOU MONEY - No worries about expensive legal fees, multiple filing fees or process server costs. Save money so you will have more to divide - meaning more for you and your children.

Less Pain

Divorce Wizards can LOWER YOUR STRESS LEVELS so YOU WON'T FEEL SO BAD during the process. We will talk to you - and even better, we will listen to you! We prepare your divorce paperwork and help the two of you reach a lasting, durable and enforceable agreement.

Confidential and Private

All our services are CONFIDENTIAL so you MAINTAIN YOUR PRIVACY. Avoid disclosing sensitive personal information and keep your decisions private and just between the two of you. We know what is on the record and what can be done in a more quiet and private fashion.

It's Simple

Use a SIMPLE FORM TO GET STARTED. It's quite EASY. It only takes ten minutes at the most to complete our information sheet and begin your online divorce.

Even More Advantages

Divorce Wizards offers Divorce Paperwork and Mediation to give you a lower cost, lower stress and quicker no Court divorce. Your case is simplified and customized to the highs and lows of your unique divorce. We are available to answer your questions and pamper you with kindness and compassion from your first thought about divorce until it is final and beyond. We guard your privacy! We are ready to work with you in person, by phone or on our popular web site at, wherever you feel most comfortable.

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