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High Conflict Divorce Mediation

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Uncontested Divorce, Legal Separation
Summary Dissolution$750
Divorce, Legal Separation, Nullity, Domestic Partnership Dissolution$1800
High Conflict Divorce Mediation and Paperwork
includes up to 4 hours of mediation
Other Important paperwork
Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
To divide retirement plans
Request for Orders To Modify Existing support agreements$1200
Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support Agreements $1000
Paternity Agreements and Judgments $1800
Gay and Lesbian divorce and separation agreementsas listed
Stipulated Agreement Modifying Judgment$1000
Bifurcation to terminate marital status
  Case taking too long? Be divorced
  And then figure it all out
Publication of divorce
  Can't find your spouse?
  Divorce them anyway
$500 plus the divorce costs
Finish your half finished case
We can put you out of your
Misery and get your divorce done!
$1000 - $1800
Wage Assignment$350
Establish legal paternity$1800
Interspousal Transfer Deed/Quit Claim$350
Name change after divorce$250
Child/Spousal Support Calculations/Dissomaster
Using X-Spouse software
Marriage and Related Services
Pre/Post Nuptial agreement$1000
Co-habitation agreement$1000

You or your spouse must qualify as a California Resident to use our services.

Fees do not include any court filing fees or recording fees.

Stay out of court and avoid costly litigation. We'll show you how.

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