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Top Ten Reasons to Use Divorce Wizards Instead of The Other Guys

Don't overpay for poor service! Check these top ten reasons why we're better than the rest!

  1. We save you money by completing your case so only one of you needs to pay the $220+ filing fee to the Court. That is a bit more work for us, but our goal is to make this as easy and inexpensive for you as possible. The other guys do the paperwork so you BOTH pay the filing fee of $220+ to the Court. So they may look cheaper - but they are really more expensive.

  2. We file your papers with the Court and serve as an intermediary with them to solve any problems you may have. The other guys make you do that yourself - meaning long lines and multiple trips to the Court.

  3. You may call us any time during business hours and reach a real person to talk to about your case. While we can't give you legal advice, we can answer your questions and refer you to an attorney or other expert if you would like. The other guys don't have this type of extensive network - and if they do, it is based on people paying them to advertise - not on hand picking qualified professionals who are willing to help.

  4. We personally answer your emails, usually within an hour of receiving them. The other guys send canned responses or simply don't respond at all.

  5. We are in compliance with the CA laws regarding legal document assistants. We are registered in the County and bonded as required by law. We know the Courts will accept our documents - and you as a consumer are protected. The other guys aren't following the rules which could result in your paperwork being totally rejected by the Court.

  6. We limit our service to California residents only so we are very familiar with Divorce in our state. The other guys work nation wide - jack of all trades but master of none.

  7. We were the first "Do your Own Divorce" secure web site in California. It was our idea! The other guys "borrowed" the names of some of our packages.

  8. We include the Declarations of Disclosure with all of our cases. While most folks feel this is a pain in the neck, this step is critical in assuring your final judgment won't be set aside by your spouse. We know most people don't want to re-do the divorce again. The other guys don't even mention disclosure leaving you open to a great deal of risk since you are not complying with the CA disclosure laws.

  9. We made the decision to remain a small, focused company. That means each and every one of you is very important to us. The other guys are big - paper mills - so who cares about you.

  10. We complete all of our cases. None of our clients need to take our documents to someone else to finish the case for them. How do you think we know so much about the other guys? It's from the many clients of theirs who come to us for help completing their case!

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